About us

Jewellery is a very personal affair. Each piece we choose or receive is wrapped in special meaning. I believe jewellery is created to empower or symbolize love, friendship, families and moments that deserve to be marked in time. Creating each piece by hand in my Perth studio, I maintain complete creative control through each and every step, from the daydream of a design to the lovingly hand making and delivery of each piece. Each piece is a testament to the love of my craft. With over 17 years experience in the jewellery industry working one on one with clients to create beautiful bridal and bespoke pieces I’ve decided to share my own style by creating my first collection.

‘I create what I like to wear! It must be comfortable, versatile and unfussy, yet also tell a story. I want our pieces to be worn everyday. Our aim is to create collections that can be happily worn alongside bespoke or heirloom pieces. To layer and create your own timeless signature look that can be worn day and night.’

I draw my inspiration from the things around me. Growing up in the picturesque South West of Western Australia, nature and art have been instilled from an early age. Trying out Pottery and Glass blowing before setting my heart on Jewellery, I was always going to be creating something magical and working with my hands. With a passion for travel and design I endeavour to draw from my future experiences and create many more collections for my clientele to wear, enjoy and pass down.